Entering the home through the front door brings a new reality into focus. I can now envision the home complete, furnished, and welcoming. Mark has remarkable visualization skills and has felt the reality of “Serenity”, even when she was only a dreamer’s dream. Placing the windows and doors generated a sense of security and intimacy that was not present previously. With her embracing arms guiding you into the heart of the home, Serenity offers a safe harbor.windows_1

NFL BUILDING CENTER of Pensacola, Florida supplied the ANDERSEN Windows and Doors. Andersen products were chosen because we were so pleased with our previous Andersen products in our last home. We are also supportive of Andersen Corporation’s effort to act environmentally responsible. For details about their contribution, visit the Suppliers page or website

Although it is true, we enjoyed the Andersen windows in our previous house, it has been a complete nightmare dealing with the Andersen windows. First, the windows we were sold did not perform as promised. Our windows would heat up like a windshield and the temperature would rise to above 140 degrees on the glass. At our expense, we had them replaced with windows that would not cause so much heat gain. Andersen did send their own installers to ensure they were installed correctly. But, still, we have had numerous issues with the patio doors, the front door locks, etc. Getting replacement parts has been difficult at best. Even when we explained that we had clients in the house and needed to be able to lock the doors, the response was excruciatingly slow. Eventually, we just had to hire our own person to set the doors correctly and repair the mistakes made by the Andersen installers. Personally, I do not recommend their products because we have found from personal experience that the company does not stand behind their products to our satisfaction. Of all the major projects in building the dome, the windows were the most frustrating without a doubt.