Pool Permit


2003 IRC code coverIt was finally time to put the yard in and get the permit to replace the swimming pool.  When Mark went to the permit office to get the pool permit, he was shown the cover of the 2003 IRC Hurricane Resistant Residential Construction Code Book.  There was a picture of the Dome of a Home post Hurricane Ivan on the cover.  I am very grateful that building this structure has accomplished what we had most hoped for – visibility to the masses so the public can become aware that there are alternatives available.

We decided that we would not resurrect our in-ground pool again.  Sometimes I feel the futility of building and rebuilding and rebuilding.  That’s why we decided to build the Dome of a Home rather than to continually dig our house out of the sand.   I don’t even want to count how many times we dug our previous home out from the sludge and muck.   The pool was worse. Any severe winter storm that surged the water over Ariola would inundate our pool.  The clean up is a real pain because we have to well point the pool to drain it.  Otherwise, it would float out of the ground.   Even if we had wanted to salvage the in grounder one more time, we couldn’t get a permit to well point since the beach had not completed the restoration project.