Stair Repair


Miracles do happen!

I had given up, released what little hope I had retained that we would have stairs built before the next hurricane season began. And then, the miracle happened. You know the type – the one that happens when you least expect it.ivan_damage_4

After numerous contractors spewed forth empty promises of having their crews start on our stairs ‘tomorrow’, we actually had a crew finally show up. And, here’s the real kicker: they showed up consistently for two weeks and (yes, there is an &) they stayed for more than 4 hours a day! Mark Williams and Dan Conley delivered their crew as promised. When they assured us that our stairs would be built quickly, they were right. I am grateful, not only for my stairs, but for restoring some of my faith that this, too, shall one day be finished.

Ridiculous? My imagination? Sentimental sap? Possibly.
I do know the intense relief I feel is tied to the implied symbolism of the staircases’ embracing arms. Without a doubt, I am not as depressed when I drive up to the Dome and see the skeleton of her arms in place. I can feel the whispery touch of her delicate arms. Her energy and strength are increasing daily. With the frame in place for the fountain’s pool, I easily sense the fountain’s eagerness to gurgle her greeting once again. Whatever it is, I am just thrilled to experience optimism about the prospects of rebuilding.

For months, it has been an interminable wait. Frustration permeates every aspect of rebuilding from insurance claims to mortgage companies to construction crews. If patience is built under such circumstances, I must be a very difficult case, indeed.

The lows are very low; but I do treasure and am especially grateful for the achievements made. And if something had to be replaced, Mark was glad it was the stairs. They were one of the few aspects of the home that Mark was not satisfied with in the end. Broader, more sweeping stairs he had envisioned for the front entry. Now, he has the opportunity to build them the way he has always wanted. (He’s such a perfectionist, so this will save me years of listening to him tell me how he would do it differently. So, another aspect to be grateful for.)

Although, we still have much on our ‘to do’ list to bring the Dome of a Home back to its original condition, progress is being made. Amazing what a psychological difference it makes to be moving forward. Last month, I was ready to sell, sell, sell. Now, I am convinced I want to stay. The water has been beautiful, the skies clear, and the beach beckons me. The true test is whether my mental state will make it intact through another hurricane season. As the old axiom says, “Time will tell.”