Sheetrock (Exterior)


Knowing from previous experience that sheetrock will disintegrate when exposed to the violent rains of hurricanes, we chose a product that has a superior resistance to mold and mildew. Georgia-Pacific’s Dens Technology Products offer products that have dual glass mat facings, which offer superb protection against the growth of mold and mildew.

For the exterior surfaces, the DensGlass Gold Exterior Guard, combines glass mats embedded into a treated gypsum core and a gold colored bond-enhancing primer coating for superior performance and moisture resistance. DensGlass Gold Exterior Guard has set an industry standard in sheathing – a panel so weather-resistant that extended exposure to the elements won’t affect its performance. They guarantee it. With its patented inorganic glass mat design DensGlass Gold Exterior Guard is the most mold and mildew resistant exterior sheathing product on the market. DensGlass Gold Exterior Guard is lightweight and easy to handle. It’s also resistant to jobsite damage. It provides outstanding fire protection. It resists warping, rippling, buckling and sagging.

With the humid coastal environment we are building in, Georgia-Pacific’s Dens Technology products are a viable material that excels in this application.