Sheet Rock


sheetrock_1A “round” of applause for our sheetrockers! (pun intended) Roberto Lisboa, Anjel Toribio, Victor Montiel, and Silvestre Hernandes have risen to the challenge to placing the sheetrock on all of our curved walls. Not an easy task to follow all of the exquisite curves FLEX-C TRAC allowed us to incorporate. They used their ingenuity to best discover how to finesse the rock into place. Great guys doing a great job!

Because I am not as visually imaginative as Mark, having the walls established sheetrock_2greatly helps me in my endeavor to decide on a style for “Serenity by the Sea”. Now, I can really sense the size of the rooms, what might be fun to use in decorating them, and what colors to consider. Our vacation homes are always a work of art and creativity in process. Each year, improve the home by adding fun and creativity in different areas. From fun to fundamental, vacationing clients can be sure that there will be something new under the dome in the sun each year.