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Contact: Jerry Morabito, President
TANKLESS WATER HEATERS for whole house use as tank replacement.. SETS saves Space, Energy (up to 60%) and NEVER RUNS OUT OF HOT WATER!
The SETS Systems Whole House Electric Tankless Water Heating System is the ‘wave’ of the future. It produces an endless supply of hot water while reducing the energy costs required to operate a conventional tank type water heater by up to 50%. The water heating system was improved with the assistance of NASA and patented exclusively by SETS Systems for residential, commercial and industrial applications.

SETS Systems Electric Tankless Water Heaters have no storage tank, they heat the water as it is passing through the appliance, thereby giving you potential savings between 30% to 50% off your water heating bills compared to a storage tank water heater not to mention the space savings due to its’ compact size. There is no tank of heated water to radiate heat to the surrounding area. No waste of valuable space. All parts are repairable or replaceable.

SETS contribution to the heroes of 9/11 deserve noting here: To bring a few minutes of respite to the workers and volunteers at the World Trade Center, Kohler Co. created a mobile showering unit located at Ground Zero that incorporated nine shower stalls and four sinks in a massive semi-trailer. It offered hot showers with an infinite supply of hot water by using SETS tankless hot water heaters in each shower.

The Little Giant is what the Kohler Co. called it and here is what they had to say… “I am pleased to inform you that after nearly three months of continues use, between 100-200 showers per day/per unit, your units are still working fine. The entire unit was just moved from NYC yesterday and is now at a Kohler facility. Thanks again for all your help.” Kohler Design Engineer.

UL listed, ULC (Canada), CEC California Energy Commission, HUD, NASA patented technology and SETS Systems Inc. is named by NASA as a SUCCESS STORY and the company that revolutionized the way the world heats water.
I have to say that Jerry and Carlos have been the most delightful people to do business with.  They are responsive, informative, and always willing to answer our questions and give suggestions.  I have enjoyed our business relationship and recommend them if you are considering a tankless hot water heater.

Previously, the anti-scald feature in my more sophisticated faucets seemed to conflict with the units sometimes causing the hot/cold water to fluctuate as it tries to keep pace with the anti-scald feature.  I had better function when I replaced the original faucets with ones that are not so sophisticated.
But, the latest and greatest technology from Carlos and the SETS team is a unit that has a digital display so the temperature can be set digitally from 100 to 120 degrees.  Carlos has worked with NASA for four years to develop the new units that will eliminate the fluctuation experienced in the older generation of tankless hot water heaters. 
We have had the new units in the house for several weeks now.  Definite improvement!  The fluctuating water temperature is no more!  We are very happy with the new design we received in 11/2006.
I cannot stress enough how wonderful our experience has been with Carlos and Jerry.  Of all our amenities, SETS is one of our very favorite features.  If you are even thinking of purchasing a tankless hot water heater, be sure and contact them first.   

In 2007. Carlos started his own Tankless hot water heater company – American Tankless Water Heater Corp. He generously contributed several units for us to try.  We installed them in the Dome of a Home and they have worked perfectly.  We’ve never had a temperature fluctuation issue with these units.  They were perfect from the get – go.     
Tankless Water Heater manufacture creates new unit with help from NASA Outreach Program