Seaward International Pilings


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3470 Martinsburg Pike P.O. Box 98
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Seaward International’s SEAPILE pilings compliment the dome structure by their longevity and environmentally-friendly characteristics.

SEAPILE pilings are made of recycled and recycle-able composite materials. The SEAPILE composite piling is made of plastic that has been structurally reinforced with fiberglass rebar, making them impervious to corrosion, termites, and borers. Unlike chemically treated wood, the SEAPILE piling does not leech chemicals into our environmentally sensitive beach. And unlike concrete pilings, the SEAPILE does not begin to pit, allowing the rebar to corrode.

Alan Potts from Seaward International was extremely supportive and excited about the latest venture for the use of the SEAPILE piling. Mr. Potts and the Siglers hope to expand the publics’ awareness of this advanced alternative.

Seaward International, Inc. is a manufacturer of high performance foam-filled marine fenders, buoys and floats, and composite marine pilings and timbers. Using the same technology, Seaward International is also developing an environmentally-friendly railroad tie.pilings_2

The crew that drove the pilings into the ground pounded them over 400 times.  No distortion or mushrooming or damage occurred.  They said they had never seen anything like these pilings and were significantly impressed by their strength, durability, and resistance to damage.

During Hurricane Ivan, it became apparent that the pilings were actually flexing and moving in the 8 feet deep quicksand slush that had become our yard.  On one of my interior walls, the decorations were tapping from the gentle rocking motion of the Dome.  Mark determined that the entire house must be rocking because the pilings were strong enough to flex.  We don’t know how concrete or wooden pilings would have reacted under that kind pressure and movement, but we are extremely happy that our SEAPILE Pilings withstood the test of Hurricane Ivan, the Terrible.