Plastering the Dome


plastering_1On numerous occasions, I have heard the processes entailed in constructing a dome compared to those of building a swimming pool. And, in many ways, the air-form monolithic dome does resemble an inverted swimming pool.

With that in mind, when it was time to decide whom to hire to create a smooth interior finish inside of the dome, Mark immediately thought of a pool company. The crews that build pools must create a smooth, seamless concrete finish. Quickly. Exactly, the qualities we required.

Although Tony Debenedetto, owner of Swann Pools (850-932-3380), had never had the opportunity to finish the interior of a dome before, he definitely was up for the challenge and experience this project could provide. One of the major differences between plastering the dome and a pool is having to apply the plaster overhead. But, Tony’s crew excelled with a determination and professionalism that I truly respect. The crew is comprised of Tony, Dave, Jerome, Josh, Randy, Wade, William, and Zazi. They were organized and functioned as a well- coordinated unit, reminding me of an anthill after it is disturbed. Each one knew exactly what to do and when. As a result, the job flowed very smoothly from one stage into the next.

plastering_2Before the plaster mix could be applied to the walls, the extra foam had to be cut away from the openings. Three times the plaster was applied onto the walls with trowels. After reaching the correct stage in the drying process, the walls were sponge-finished twice. I especially like the artistic swirl Jerome created on the walls with his sponge. I developed an appreciation for the craft and skill that is required to build a pool and to artfully plaster any surface for any reason. Patience, skill, and a dedication to completion are key factors that Tony and his crew definitely embody.

Another incredible example of thinking “outside of the box”. Being willing to stretch the limits of your imagination can give birth to the best of ideas. Kudos to Tony and his crew for being willing to embrace our vision and help bring it into reality!

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