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Mark always intended for a glass block wall to grace the master suite’s decks.  Because of time constraints, an aluminum railing coated in rhino liner was used instead.  The coating did not adhere well causing Mark to constantly lament that he hadn’t built the glass block wall in the first place.

One thing about living in hurricane hell, there seems to be a constant opportunity to replace and redo.  Mark seized our inability to have rental clients after Hurricane Ivan as an opportunity to create the beautiful glass block wall he had been envisioning in his mind’s eye for years.

Ever increasing the artistic quality of the Dome of a Home, his vision was absolutely right on the mark. With every addition, the home transforms, almost taking on the qualities of a sculpted piece of art. The glass block is beautiful as it reflects the movement in the fountain’s glimmering water.  I was stunned at the metamorphosis.

glass_2Practically speaking, the glass block wall allows occupants of the Dome to enjoy the deck more than before.  It allows for more privacy and blocks the wind for increased comfort.  Several people a day stop to look at the house and to take pictures, which is great for visibility.  But, this also impedes on sun bathing privacy with only a rail along the deck.  With the glass block wall being functional and beautiful, everyone’s needs are met.

With its double pane, glass block is extremely strong and energy efficient.  The shape of the curved wall increases its strength as well.  When the wind hits the glass block wall, it is dispersed around its curves, reducing resistance and damage factors.

Pittsburg Corning has even developed a glass block specifically for coastal areas and hurricane strength winds.  Its encouraging to see companies develop products that address specific safety concerns.

That’s Pittsburgh Corning’s THICKSET® 90 Glass Block and our KWiK’N EZ® Rigid Track Installation System. The system has passed hurricane impact tests recognized by the International Building Code and Dade County in coastal areas. Which makes it the perfect solution if you want beauty and function that will weather most any storm.
THICKSET® 90 Glass Block Functional Benefits

  • Greater face thickness than standard glass block
  • Graffiti-resistant, damage-resistant and easy to clean
  • Noise-resistant
  • Offers a range of visibility and privacy, depending on pattern chosen
  • Allows varying degrees of light transmission
  • Greater security than conventional windows

For technical service support and a copy of test reports and approvals, call 1-800-245-1217 ext. 900.

KWiK’N EZ® Rigid Track Premiere Series System with THICKSET® 90 Glass Block The System

  • THICKSET® 90 Glass Block (DECORA® or VUE® patterns)
  • KWiK’N EZ® Rigid Track Silicone Installation System

Code Approvals

  • Meets largglass_3e missile impact tests referenced in the International Building Code, in accordance with ASTM E-1886 and ASTM E-1996
  • Dade County Approval
  • Texas Department of Insurance Approval

Panel Size and Design Pressure Rating

  • 4 ft. x 4 ft. = 100 PSF Design Pressure
  • 4 ft. x 8 ft. = 80 PSF Design Pressure
  • 6 ft. x 6 ft. = 68 PSF Design Pressure

Note: Dade County approval for panel size of 4 ft. x 4 ft. at 70 PSF