Openings Shaped


The Opening are taking shape

openings_shaped_1The jack-o-lantern face has been replaced with evocative portals. As the sun progresses across the sky, the apertures in the dome create a sundial effect as the shadows and shapes dance across the decks.

Bob Buchmeier, owner of Ameri-Foam,, and his team have expertly refined the rough-cut openings in the dome. With precision and finesse, this team sprays the areas with foam and gently sands and shapes until the defining art form has been achieved. The flexibility of this process allows a freedom seldom found in home design. Rarely can a building medium keep pace with a dreamer’s imagination, but this jewel of a product is truly amazing in the creative hands of Bob Buchmeier.

openings_shaped_2Mr. Buchmeier can virtually spray over any shape and form, instantly creating uniqueness in one’s space. Free-form fountains, fireplace mantles, showers, freezers, ponds, landscaping walls and décor set your imagination free. We have had a wonderful experience creating with this team of dedicated artisans.

Ameri-Foam is no longer in business.