Openings Refined


openings_refinedThe openings continue to be refined and sculpted with foam and plaster. Because the openings were roughly formed in the concrete, they had to be sprayed and sculpted with foam and plaster to smooth and finish the areas. As soon as the refining is complete, Bob Buchmeier, owner of Ameri-Foam, will be proceeding with applying the “rhino-hide” exterior. Aesthetically speaking, it is a day we are all anticipating eagerly. Seeing the dome with its color applied will make it easier to visualize the finished home.

To choose a color, I placed several samples in the sugar-white sand on the beach. One of the samples matched so closely, I kept losing it in the sand. That is how China White became our primary color.

As accents, we will bring in the beautiful blues, turquoises, and greens that give the Emerald Coast its reputation as one of the most beautiful in the world. By using colors taken from the natural environment, we hope to give the home an organic appearance. Think sand dune.