Letter to Serenity


My Dear Sweet Serenity,

As we once again prepare you to face Mother Nature’s fury, I want to share a moment with you. So we can sit quietly together, I filled you with a beautiful sounds of peaceful music instead of fearful rhetoric

I feel your Spirit of strength give me the courage to leave you alone to face the storm. Dome-Home-26
When people assume I want to stay only to protect my investment, they underestimate my love for you. You’re my child. Such intense labor pains, but such a beautiful creation. I really feel like we were only midwives assisting the birth of a home destined to be.

Ironically, or maybe not so ironically, today is the memorial service for Jonathan Zimmerman, the architect that designed you. Last month, he succumbed to cancer. We were scheduled to be in San Francisco today to pay our respects. Instead, we’re preparing you, his creation, to do what you were designed to do: not to compete with Mother Nature, but to work with her.

I have asked Jonathan to stand guard to protect you. Yes, I believe you have a guardian angel now. So, you really won’t be weathering the storm alone. Jonathan will be there with you. I asked Granny and Grandpa to show up, too. So, I think you will not be quite so lonely. No partying. I do worry about that, you know. I mean, the lonely part, not the partying.

Serenity, I want you to know how deeply you’re loved. Hundreds and hundreds of people tell us how much they love you, how you are their favorite house, how they drove miles and miles just to see you, how much fun they had vacationing with you. You even had guests from the UK fly all the way to Florida just to play the guitar and to resonate with your music.

You are a celebrity. How many people can boast of your media success in less than two years’ time. The media from Saudi Arabia, the UK, Canada, Germany, and the United States has placed your picture across the globe, quite literally. You made your debut in so many venues: the Weather Channel, the Travel Channel, National Geographic, MSNBC news, Countdown with Keith Olbermann, Scarborough Country, Discovery Channel, Good Morning America, ABC news, Fox news, and the list goes on.

Your fame and reputation baqua square according to Feng Shui is the screened in porch that protrudes on the north side. It’s definitely been working overtime. I need to place more emphasis in the wealth and prosperity area. What good is all that fame, if we can’t afford to keep you?

Anyway, I just want to tell you that we and a lot of other people love you dearly. I love you dearly. We are all with you in Spirit. You have been an inspiration to be many, including us.