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Because of the intense humidity on the beach, duct work in our previous home was a constant source of mold and mildew. Wanting to avoid that problem again, Mark researched and found the Hydro-Air System. Unlike conventional systems that heat or cool by forcing air through large, bulky ducting, Hydro-Air systems deliver total comfort without any ducting whatsoever. Hydro-Air utilizes small, efficient hydronic fan coil wall units in each room that distribute either heating energy from your central water heater or boiler or cooling energy from a standard outdoor air conditioning unit or a geothermal unit.

hydro_air_2Loren is the engineer that we consulted with and had repeated discussions to calculate what would be the best amount of tonnage (4 tons) needed for the dome structure. There are many considerations, including factoring in the influence the sheer mass of the dome has. Tom, the owner, was a wealth of information and helpfulness in making sure that the Hydro-Air units would cool the dome properly.

After using these units for the past 3 years, I have to say we definitely feel the difference in air quality.  With each unit in each room pulling humidity out of the air, the Dome’s air is easier to breathe because of the reduced moisture content.  And I do love only cooling the rooms I need to, my electric bill reflects this ability.