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Insulating ceramic research developed by NASA has resulted in a new breed of tiny microspheres or ceramic beads that reflect and dissipate heat. These insulating ceramic spheres are now available to the general public in the form of an easy to use powdered paint additive that will increase the insulating properties of any paintable surface.

Hy-Tech Industries now offers both the Insulating ceramic additive that you simply stir into any paint making that paint an insulating coating, and a complete line of premixed, ready to use, ceramic reinforced, insulating paints that are designed to reflect radiant heat and block heat transfer through the surface that has been painted thus creating a thermal insulating radiant barrier which reduces heat build-up & transfer through a buildings walls, ceilings, and roof!

We receive many inquiries into the products by Hy-Tech.  Because we have resurfaced the Dome with stucco after Hurricane Ivan, the spheres no longer affect the exterior temperature.  I have not noticed a difference in my electric bill or ability to cool the Dome. 

The rust proof products that are supposed to prevent or retard the rusting process did not work in our harsh environment.  In a matter of weeks, rust was once again prevalent under the Dome.  After Hurricane Ivan, we sprayed foam underneath the Dome for increased insulation and to eliminate the rust problem.