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Supplier of DENSGLASS GOLD® ExteriorGuard Products

We chose Georgia-Pacific’s Dens Technology ™ Products because of their superior resistance to mold and mildew ~~ a major consideration in our humid environment. They offer several products for almost any application. Below are a few of the products that we incorporated into the home.


This patented, unique, interior product consists of a noncombustible gypsum core, embedded with coated glass mat facings. Aside from their usual role in providing superior protection from incidental moisture, these dual glass mat facings offer superb protection against the growth of mold and mildew (per ASTM D 3273).


DensGlass Gold Exterior Guard, combines glass mats embedded into a treated gypsum core and a gold colored bond-enhancing primer coating for superior performance and moisture resistance. DensGlass Gold Exterior Guard has set an industry standard in sheathing – a panel so weather-resistant that extended exposure to the elements won’t affect its performance. They guarantee it. With its patented inorganic glass mat design DensGlass Gold Exterior Guard is the most mold and mildew resistant exterior sheathing product on the market.

DensGlass Gold Exterior Guard is lightweight and easy to handle. It’s also resistant to jobsite damage. It provides outstanding fire protection. It resists warping, rippling, buckling and sagging.


Based on the same proven Dens Technology as other DensGuard™ products, DensShield Tile Guard promises to provide superior moisture, mold and mildew resistance on your next tile project. DensShield carries a patented design that includes a gray, heat-cured acrylic coating, which protects both the tile installation and the wall cavity from moisture.

Georgia-Pacific recognized the need for a lightweight tile backer that protects the tile installation, keeps water out of the wall cavity and requires minimal work to install. The product weighs from 17 to 32 lbs. less than comparably sized cement board. With no paper to delaminate when exposed to water, DensShield offers the ease of installation of regular wallboard with performance unmatched by any tile backer.

DensShield helps prevent moisture migration, which can cause mold and mildew growth and stud or fastener corrosion. No other tile substrate offers such absolute moisture protection. Independent test confirm that DensShield tile backer with its inorganic glass mat design achieved a 10 (the highest rating) in resistance to mold and mildew when tested in accordance with ASTM D 3273.
Without a doubt, a “must have” series of products in a high humidity environment.  The hurricanes did cause some water to enter the house.  Usually, this creates a serious problem with the mold and mildew rapidly devouring the sheetrock and insulation.  Not with Georgia Pacific’s Dens Products.  We had absolutely no mold or mildew growth on our sheetrock, even though it was dampened from the storms.  Using foam insulation, GP’s Dens Products, and cork flooring virtually eliminated the increased damage mold and mildew would have normally caused.  

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