Front Stairs


front_stairs_1The most dramatic change in appearance has been the addition of the “Stairway to Heaven”. With a gracefulness that defies the pictures, the stairs welcome you to the most peaceful place in Paradise. I am beckoned up the stairs and into the heart of the home.

Wilmer B’Rahon is the engineering student that has been our vital mathematician, calculating how and where to place the stairs to create the desired gentle flow.

Successfully done beyond our wildest imaginations. Darin Rue and Richard Martinez have transformed mathematical figures into reality as they have meticulously framed in the stairs. You can bet I am sighing in relief: stairs instead of ladders!

front_stairs_2At the risk of being repetitive, I have to say that without FLEX-C TRAC, designing these curved staircases so easily and flawlessly would have been impossible. In a matter of moments, the curves can be formed and exactly duplicated. A truly innovative product. The framers commented repeatedly about the ease in which the curved walls and staircases were made with FLEX-C TRAC. (

Undoubtedly, FLEX-C TRAC has been a major influence in the Dome of a Home’s interior design. We are grateful for their guidance and support in our endeavor.