foam_1Foam is an integral part of the dome structure. We chose to also use foam in between the walls of the home for its energy conservation; structural; sound deadening; and water resistant qualities. The interior walls’ 3.5” metal studs were foamed with 1” of 2# foam. The exterior walls’ 6” metal studs were foamed with 4” of 3# foam. Unlike fiberglass insulation, this foam will not absorb moisture and become a petri dish for mold and mildew. When we bulldozed our previous home, some areas of the insulation were literally black. We have devoted a tremendous amount of energy to avoid some of the pitfalls we experienced with our conventional home.

The major adjustments we made were:

  • Eliminate the duct system needed for conventional air conditioning.
  • Eliminate insulation that would not maintain its R-value after absorbing humidity. Mold and mildew would then begin to grow in the moist environment.


Bob Buchmeier’s, owner of Triple B Coatings & Insulation, Inc., crew did a thorough job of spraying inside the walls of the dome. His next task is to spray the exterior of the dome. email: