Floor Pan Poured, Second Floor


The floors are finally poured


Webster describes progress as “moving forward, making advancement”. By that definition, the dome of a home is “progressing.” Not as quickly as we would like, but I hear that is typical of all construction projects. Patience is not my best virtue. . . but I am developing the quality against my will. Finally, the rain abated long enough for us to advance forward and pour the concrete floors. The floors are substantial, actually weighing in at over 100 tons – even using lightweight concrete. Without a doubt, no windstorm is going to displace this residence. And if the water reaches the first living level at 16’ above base flood elevation, we will all need an ark.

As the home takes shape, we feel secure in the design that we have chosen for coastal living. Walking on the solid floors, imagining where the rooms will be, and admiring the views has been a long awaited achievement.

Next step, dry-in.