flexctrac_3Once again, our materials guru, Bob Bissett (www.buildart.com), has discovered an amazing, innovative product to incorporate into the dome. We were eager to integrate curved walls into the home, but were wary of the added complications this would entail. When Mark mentioned his desire for curved walls to Mr. Bissett, he offered FLEX-C TRAC (www.flexc.com) as the perfect solution. If ever there was a product developed to create original, artistic walls and ceilings, this is it!

FLEX-C TRAC, solved our dilemma and presented innumerable options for curved walls, barrel ceilings, wavy ceilings, s-curves and columns. These curves can be built horizontally or vertically; for curved metal or wood structures. It can be easily hand shaped on site to make curves of varying radii and can easily match existing curves. FLEX-C TRAC is made of pivotal 20 gauge galvanized sheet metal sections with a sliding strap on each of the two legs. NO UNUSUAL OR SPECIAL TOOLS ARE REQUIRED! STUDS CAN BE PLACED AT ANY INTERVAL.

Curves can be built smooth and strong the first time without flat spots because of its unique pivotal design. Contractors claim it saves 60% – 80% of the time required to build a curved structure compared to conventional methods. Being familiar with the intensive labor required for curved walls, our flexctrac_2framing contractor, Daron Horne, owner of Professional Concepts, was eager to utilize FLEX-C TRAC when building the dome’s walls. Having used the product before, he knew the time and effort that FLEX-C TRAC would save. With a consistently superior result, FLEX-C TRAC is invaluable.

Because of the nature of domes, construction changes are difficult to make. This week, Mark decided he wanted to “pop out” a few the bedrooms’ walls to create more space. Normally an impossible feat at this juncture in construction, it was easily feasible using the FLEX-C TRAC. I cannot stress what a wonderful, amazing invention this is by Frank Wheeler. Visit their website, if only to see the incredible pictures of what is possible. (www.flexc.com/1a.html)

FLEX-C TRAC was invented by Frank Wheeler, an owner of Flex-Ability Concepts. Mr. Wheeler, a carpenter, realized the need for an efficient and better way to frame curves and invented FLEX-C TRAC. FLEX-C TRAC is such an extraordinary achievement, it was recognized by the Construction Innovation Forum’s NOVA Award as a finalist in 2000. (more info)

flexctrac_1In 1989, the Construction Innovation Forum, (www.cif.org),created the NOVA Award to “recognize innovations that have proven to be significant advances that have had positive, important effects on construction to improve quality and reduce cost.” Flex-Ability Concepts also received recognition at the annual Innovative Housing and Technology Awards sponsored by the NAHB Research Center and Popular Science for their amazing building product, Flex-C Trac system.

We have been fortunate to discover innovative products that show true genius in their design. Mr. Wheeler’s invention allows one’s imagination to soar with unlimited creativity.

If you are going to build a dome, Flex-C Trac is an absolute must!!! This product allows one’s imagination to soar with possibilities and Flex-C Trac turns possibilities into realities. It reduces much of the intense labor required to make curved surfaces. This is an amazing product to provide interesting architectural lines in any building. We are HUGE fans of Flex-C Trac.