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Without a doubt, Flex-C Trac wins our “MUST HAVE PRODUCT” FOR USE IN A DOME.

The Dome of a Home absolutely could not have achieved much of its aesthetic beauty without Flex-C Trac.  It is definitely one of the most innovative and useful products used in the Dome.

Flex-C Trac is a construction product used to build curved metal or wood structures. It can be used to frame curved walls, barrel ceilings, wavy ceilings, s-curves and columns. It can be hand shaped on site to make curves of varying radii. Flex-C Trac is versatile, saving 60% to 80% of the time required to build a curved structure using conventional methods. Excellent, innovative product! NO SPECIAL TOOLS REQUIRED! STUDS SET AT ANY INTERVAL
Singing the praises for Flex C Trac is something I never tire of.  It is truly the most amazing product I have ever seen.  It allows us to create our dream curves and unique rooms.  What before could only be imagined can actually be built using this product.  MAGNIFICENT!

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