Felt Bicycles




There is little we enjoy more than riding our bikes on the island.  It’s a way to slow down and connect with our neighbors and to notice the ever present changes on the beach.

Not any bicycle will do — with all of the sand, you want a beach cruiser with big, fat tires.
Last Mother’s Day, Mark bought me a FELT bicycle.  What a cool bike!  I felt like a little girl again getting her first bicycle.  It was exciting and fun to feel the wind in my face as I glided down Ariola.

FELT cruiser bicycles come in fun styles, some reminding me of days gone by.
With names like Surf City USA, Royal Flush, Taxi, Chief, Troy Lee Happy Hour, the Baron, the Bandit, Hot Wheels and 1903, these bikes radiate with charisma and charm.

The FELT company has an interesting history.  As related on their web site:

The backbone of the Felt family lies with three of the most remarkable men in the entire bicycle industry.

Jim Felt. One of the most respected names in the history of two-wheel travel. Renowned in the motocross industry for his mechanical expertise with Yamaha™, Kawasaki™, Suzuki™ and Honda™; he took riders like Broc Glover and Johnny O’Mara to victory in, literally, hundreds of races. A keen amateur triathlete himself, this foundation launched his desire to enter into the realms of bicycle design in 1991 and he soon became renowned by the triathlon industry for his top-drawer frame designs. Patronized by the likes of 8-time Ironman Triathlon World Champion Paula Newby-Fraser and Kenny Souza, the most winning duathlete in the history of the sport, he was soon snapped up by Easton Sports™, where he was responsible for some of their most innovative bicycle tube shapes. Later, he aligned with Answer Products™ where he pioneered the infamous matte black ‘B2’, the stealth machine that has since seen many imitations as one of the most envied looks in design history.

bike_2The year 2000 saw a need to break away from the corporate web, and in an uncertain time of mergers, takeovers and acquisitions, two of the industry’s biggest corporate heavyweights were looking for a similar opportunity. Bill Duehring, former VP of GT Bicycles, was responsible for all product development in the formative years of BMX and the mountain biking/full suspension explosion. Already renowned for his unparalleled ability to create the finest bikes in the world with the best quality components and armed with years of experience of building solid and lasting relationships in the Far East, he brought his expertise to the table and provided a safe haven for the select few he brought with him. Michael Müllmann, his international partner and owner of Sport Import, a top worldwide distribution powerhouse for hugely successful brands like GT and RockShox; completed the triangle in addition by launching the Felt brand into Europe’s largest market, Germany, now our international sales headquarters. The planets aligned and the star of the show – Felt Bicycles – was launched headlong into an unfulfilled and expectant market…and took the industry by storm.

Five years down the line, Felt has gone from strength to strength, going from just 6 models and a blanket sell-out in the U.S. to over 140 models across 27 countries. Bill, Michael and Jim have brought together some of the finest skill sets and experience in the industry. They created a niche group of highly skilled and dedicated people who work together to create bicycles that consistently exceed their riders’ expectations by providing a sense of individuality, inspiration and pride in ownership. We are not governed by our competitors’ measurements of success – the desire to push beyond the limits of technology never allows us to rest on our laurels. As our universal mission statement suggests, Felt’s reason for existing is
“To design, develop, and deliver the best bicycles in the world. Period.”