Dry In


dry_in_1Much confusion has been alleviated now that the exterior walls have been built. Evidently, the common thought was that the huge openings would be glass. Wow! What a trick that would have been. Instead of glass, they are actually the openings onto the exterior decks. Passers-by, hundreds a week, are very supportive with their eager encouragement. Sometimes, when I am really tired, I go out there to talk to people as they stop and stare. Their enthusiasm is contagious and I once again feel rejuvenated enough to carry forward to the next step.

dry_in_2Georgia Pacific’s DENS technology products were used throughout the home because of their superior resistance to mold and mildew ~~ a major consideration in our humid environment. Their several products should meet the needs of most any application. For more information, visit the Suppliers page or their website: www.gp.com/gypsum

Although we have had water in the interior of the house because of a variety of situations, the sheetrock has never succumbed to the mold and mildew, just as Georgia-Pacific advertises for its Dens Technology Products that have dual glass mat facings, which offer superb protection against the growth of mold and mildew. www.gp.com/gypsum This is a superb line of products that we heartily endorse.