Dome vs. Ivan


Hurricane Ivan was truly Ivan, the Terrible. Never have I seen such devastation on such a broad, massive scale. It is terrifying to see Mother Nature’s power rage with such an amazing fury.

mark-valHowever, today, Mark and I must count our blessings. I actually got to visit the Dome of a Home for the first time after the storm. We went there with the National Geographic film crew for a story they are airing in October. My first sight of the dome took my breath away as I viewed her scarred face. She had been so beautiful with her elegant staircases and flowing fountain. Yet, her wounds are superficial, not structural.

The dome survived structurally exactly as she was designed to do. We have no structural damage, just cosmetic. The staircases broke away, as code demands they be designed to do. The concrete floor of the garage broke up and washed away, as designed. The pool is completely buried, no idea where it is, nor the fence that surrounded the yard. Of course, the landscaping has been decimated.

The dome she performed beautifully, exactly as she was engineered to do. As she protected Mark and the MSNBC news crew through Hurricane Ivan, she became the sanctuary for some stranded on the island. Ironically, many of the news crew teams that were inland had a much rougher night than those sleeping through the storm in Serenity by the Sea.

We have so much to tell, so many pictures to share, so many stories to express, so much gratitude to give. We are overwhelmed with the media attention, the encouraging emails, and the inquisitive minds. We are grateful.We have so much to tell, so many pictures to share, so many stories to express

As you can imagine, my power has been sporadic and high speed internet is not available yet. Please be patient and we will be continually updating the information about Hurricane Ivan. Mark is dictating his experience to me, pictures and links are arriving by email daily, and I am trying desperately to pass the information along to my amazing webmaster, Greg Williams, at

The media has been very responsive: MSNBC, Discovery, National Geographic, NBC, Good Morning America, Today Show, Nightly News, Scarborough Country, Inside Edition, ABC affiliates, Travel Channel, and numerous newspapers and radio stations. We are so glad the message is getting to the masses about these storm resistant homes.

Stay tuned, lots to share as soon as the technology gets me back up and running.

– Valerie Sigler