in the media

          The Travel Channel’s Amazing Vacation Homes

National Geographic’s  Hurricane Summer

Discovery Channel’s The Daily Planet

CNN SPECIAL PROJECT: Weather Effects September 2008

Discovery Channel’s Everything You Need To Know About Hurricanes

ABC’s Good Morning America

MSNBC news

Scarborough Country

Countdown with Keith Olberman

ABC news – several appearances on local affiliate

Santa Rosa’s Weathering the Storm cable program

UK’s Is This The Worst Weather Ever

CNN News

HGTV Extreme Buildings  (airing March 2007)


Green Futures Magazine: Homes for a Warming World – July 2009

ScienceMag.Org: Infrastructure Design Issues in Disaster-Prone Regions – March 2009

LONDON FINANCIAL TIMES – November 1, 2008 House & Home Section – Page One

NASA’ s Annual Science Magazine

Civil Engineering Magazine:  Pensacola Beach Dome Home Easily Weathers                                                          November 2004, pg 15-16                                                 Hurricane Ivan
Architecture Magazine:  Dome Home Survives Hurricane Hit
October 2004, pg 15

Walls & Ceilings trade magazine:
Rock It Like A Hurricane
November 2003,  pg 38 – 40
Beyond Thunder, Dome
March 2005, pg 30 – 31


Umran:  Saudi Arabian Magazine
March 2004

Composite Manufacturing:  No Longer the New Kid on the Block
January 2005, pg 76

MDI’s Monolithic Dome Calendar

CKM Polish Magazine:  Twardy typ
2005, pg 26

Hemisphere’s :  United Airlines In Flight Magazine :  Ultimate Houses
March 2006,  pg 56 – 63

Florida Travel:  Dome of a Home
May 2006, pg 128

GO Air Tran’s In Flight Magazine
June 2006

Innovative Home:  Gulf Coast Spotlight
Winter 2006, pg 35

Pensacola Magazine:  Local Landmarks That Shape Our City
December 2006, pg 23

Pensacola Home & Garden:  Dome of a Home Catches Attention of ‘Extreme                                        Building.”
January 2007, pg 32 – 35

          Islander:  May 8, 2002:  Dome Home Under Construction

Islander:  June 19, 2002: Dome Home Progress Detailed at SRIA Meeting

Pensacola News Journal:  July 26, 2002:  Storm Study House Draws Tourists

Islander:  January 1, 2003:  2002 Happenings

Islander:  May 7, 2003:  Construction projects dot Beach Landscape

          Pensacola News Journal: September 20, 2003:  Homestyle: The Dome Home

Splash Newspaper:  October 3, 2003: Fall Tour Showcases Pensacola Beach homes

Splash Newspaper:  November 6, 2003:  Beach Home Tour Benefits Appetite for Life

Diario de Arquitectura:  December 31, 2003:  Casas en Globos

Pensacola News Journal:  September 13, 2004:  Dome Home gets National                                                           Attention

Pensacola News Journal:  September 14, 2004:  Ivan Inches Closer

Watertown Daily Times:  September 14, 2004:  Ivan Death Toll Hits 68 as Wind,                                  Waves Lash Cuba

The Post and Courier:  September 14, 2004:  Gulf Coast Prepares to Flee

Des Moines Register:  September 18, 2004:  Hurricane Passes Ivan’s Test

Fort Myers:  September 20, 2004:  Man Rides Out Ivan in Fortress Dome House On
                                The Beach

Pensacola News Journal:  October 18, 2004:  Dome Home goes from Ugly Duckling
                                To Swan After Weathering Ivan

Splash Newspaper:  November 2004:  Beach Resident pulls Woolybooger to Survive

Splash Newspaper:  November 2004:  Did you see it?

Pensacola News Journal:  June 6, 2005:  Weatherman storms into town to promote
                                “Season of Suspense”

The Ledger:  July 10, 2005:  Dennis Nearing Panhandle


          2003 IRC Hurricane Resistant Residential Construction: Special Topics from the
2003 International Residential Code, Cover picture

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The dome is featured on several websites from informational to vacation rentals.
Below is a brief list, but by no means comprehensive.  If you search on Google or                Yahoo, you will see pages of links.

In The Media

We will be adding all of the news articles and media coverage the Dome of a Home has received since it’s conception. We are still gathering all of the information. Until we have it all together we will post some of the recent media coverage. More content coming soon.


Hurricane Mitigation & Survival

View the online article


Explore the Awesome Power of Mother Nature in National Geographic Channel’s World

Sustainable Agriculture Network Discussion Group

View the online article | Eerie calm on Pensacola Beach after the storm

Kerry Sanders, a reporter from NBC, braved Hurricane Ivan in the Dome of a Home with his news crew. He wrote this account of his adventure on Pensacola Beach.

View the online article | Dome Home weathers storm

Kerry Sanders, a NBC reporter details his stay and impressions of the Dome of a Home during Hurricane Ivan.

View the online article – Photo Gallery

“We’re smiling because we survived in style!” The NBC news crew and Mark Sigler after Hurricane Ivan.

View the online article


Discovery Channel Video

Discovery Channel interviews Mark before Hurricane Ivan strikes Pensacola Beach, FL. Predictions and explanations are given as to why the Dome of a Home is a substantial structure in the face of a hurricane.

View the online article


Dome Home |

Articles on the Dome of a Home show up in the strangest places! contains several articles on a wide variety of interests, the Dome of a Home being one of them. Their motto is “Geek and ye shall find.” We knew we were bizarre when we built the home, but we have been upgraded to ‘geek’. Cool

View the online article


Hurricane Ivan Storm Surge Stock Video & Photos

Film footage taken by storm chaser, Mike Theiss. He stayed at the Dome of a Home after the storm died down.

View the online article



FEMA’S PHOTO LIBRARY:  hurricane ivan

Dome Home Survives Hurricanes

Jackie Craven writes an interesting article about the Dome of a Home and its advantages in the face of environmental challenges.

View the online article


Walls and Ceilings Magazine – Beyond Thunder, Dome

Walls & Ceilings is a trade magazine that featured the Dome of a Home in their November 2003 issue. A follow-up article was written in the March 2005 issue detailing the Dome’s success story in the grip of Hurricane Ivan.

View the online article


The Courier Journal

Article about the the host of  ‘Amazing Vacation Homes’ on the Travel Channel who recently visited the Dome of a Home.

View the online article


Pensacola News Journal

The Dome of a Home newspaper article “Dome home gets national attention”

View the online article

Walls and Ceilings Magazine – Rock it Like a Hurricane


The Dome of a Home is featured on the cover of the December 2003 Walls and Ceilings magazine.

View the online article

Pensacola News Journal

The Dome of a Home newspaper article “Siglers'” round residence designed to fend off storms, offer latest comforts”

View the online article

Pensacola News Home and Garden

Kimberly Blair wrote a great article about the Dome of a Home being featured on HGTV’s new
program, EXTREME BUILDINGS, airing in March 2007.