Two tropical storms in three weeks

Two tropical storms in three weeks! Upon a quick perusal between squalls, the dome seems to be fine. We will know more in the next few days as we examine the dome carefully. Clean-up is necessary on the lot, as the water was excessive, but as far as we can tell at this time, there is no structural damage to the dome.ts_isadore

We were scheduled to hang the steel and pour the floors this week, but Mother Nature had other ideas. And who are we to argue with a force like that? We are grateful that we had not completed the repair work around the pool before the storms.

Pictures of the storm damage and the survivability of the dome can be found in the image section of the website. I have included pictures from a conventional home being built to compare with the dome after the winds coursed through the area. I have also included pictures of the elementary school located on the beach. The new charter school is considering a dome for their new building. I am sure it will be helpful for them to see how well the dome of a home weathered the two tropical storms this month.

I know we were relieved to not have our previous home destroyed once again by the rising water. We know all too well what we would be facing had we not made the decision to build the dome home. We expect even more interest to be generated after the recent bout of wind, rain, and surges.

This is a brief report, but I know that most are anxious to see the storm pictures. More later.