Are You Kidding


Are you Kidding, Katrina?

Really? Are you kidding me? For real, no joke? Nooooo, not again!!!

These were the first words out of my mouth this morning when Mark woke me with the news that Hurricane Katrina’s cone of potential victims now included Pensacola Beach in its center. The bull’s eye once again painted on our area of the Panhandle. I don’t know why the meteorologists even bother pretending that it’s too early to project a storm’s path. Hell, if it is in the Gulf, they might as well just save some time and say, “Yep, looks like Pensacola is taking it again, folks.”
I don’t want to be fatalistic, but, yes, we are feeling a little burned out here. hurricane_katrina

Do you realize that it hasn’t even been a year since Hurricane Ivan’s September 16, 2004 historic landfall??? Not even a year! and we have had 3 major storms threaten and damage the Panhandle. Hurricane Ivan 9/16/2004, Hurricane Dennis 7/11/2005, and now Hurricane Katrina is revving up to be a contender. Also, to make life more interesting the first named storm of the season, Tropical Storm Arlene 6/11/2005 came to see us; my sister was hit by Hurricane Emily 7/20/2005; and Hurricane Katrina has already made landfall where our new grandbaby, Sarah Sophia lives.

My neighbors and I were just having a little normalcy return – or so we had erroneously thought. My friends had moved in two days before Hurricane Dennis, only to be run out of their home by storm damage. Finally, last week they moved back in yet again only to be packing their vulnerable items and evacuating this week. Other friends had for the second time this year completed their hurricane damage repairs.

We are still waiting on insurance settlements. Only recently, since more products and labor have become available, have our repairs accelerated towards completion. The debris piles from Hurricane Ivan are finally diminishing. Gasoline is still difficult to acquire, certainly to be more shortages now. Wal-Mart has probably been inundated with people trying to prepare for another storm.

Mark and I are currently in Montana. What an odd place to face a storm. Too far away to do much but watch and wait. Stressed because we are not there, but knowing full well if we were there the stress would be even more intense. At the cabin, we do not have TV service — so I can’t watch the minute by minute coverage this year. Maybe a good thing, I don’t know yet. I will be posting on the message board and reading posts from others. Please feel free to pass any pertinent information along about any areas. We have many visitors to the web site who appreciate those of you that help us locate pictures and information. I know I definitely do!

My heart goes out to all of the communities who have been repeatedly slammed by the stress hurricanes inherently cause. Regardless of where Katrina aims her sites, we are with the community in spirit.

ENOUGH WHINING, ALREADY!!! Thanks for letting me get that off my chest.