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We have worked with Carlos since the Dome of a Home was just a dream.  Mark knew he wanted to install Tankless Water Heaters because of their ability to provide continuous hot water.  There is little more frustrating than being on vacation with numerous people trying to shower to get ready for dinner.  With a conventional hot water heater, someone has to start showering at 2 pm for everyone to be ready to go at 6 pm.  That’s enough to ruin a day.  And let’s not forget to mention the loads and loads of dishes and towels that have to be washed every day.  It’s an impossible task for a conventional hot water heater, even two of them.  However, it’s exactly the situation that Carlos designed his American Tankless Water Heaters to handle.

We LOVE our American Tankless Water Heaters!  They work precisely as Carlos said they would.  Most noticeably, Carlos’ brand does not suffer from the fluctuating temperature problems we had encountered with our previous units from a different company.     One of the most common complaints from our guests was the inability to stabilize the american_tankless_1water temperature during a shower.  I expressed my frustration to Carlos and he promised me that he had resolved this issue in his units.  And he was true to his promise.   No more complaints!  I love that I can wash clothes, dishes, and someone can be in the shower, too!  The American Tankless Water Heaters are some of my very FAVORITE features in the Dome of a Home.  Thanks, Carlos!

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Why An American Tankless Water Heater ?

American Tankless Water Heater Corp. management and engineering staff has been involved in the manufacturing of electronic tankless water heaters in the USA for over 12 years. This vast experience has helped in improving tankless water heaters performance based on consumer demand. The involvement of our staff with SATOP ( Space Alliance Technology Outreach Program ) NASA and the input we have gotten from consumers and wholesalers has allowed us throughout the years to improve and FINALLY come out with a product that TRULY replaces a conventional type tank heater whereas there is no having to constantly make temperature adjustments to the units with seasonal changes, no need to purchase additional equipment to control fluctuation, no need to make a life style adjustment as is the case with most other tankless water heaters in the market today.

Different than most other tankless water heaters that fluctuate, completely shut down or produce extreme temperature when the flow is lowered or cold water is mixed due to the fact that they are not self monitoring- Our new Smart Technology Digital Controller self regulates the energy consumption by measuring several factors instantly and making the necessary adjustments to maintain your selected temperature. The unit allows you to set your output temperature from 80 – 125 degrees F. At the time of installation you set your unit to the maximum output temperature and forget it, the unit will do the rest. If you set the maximum temperature to say 110 degrees F as recommended by the DOE for every day hot water usage, your maximum output temperature will be that of 110, no matter what the flow ( based on max unit output capacity ) or changing inlet temperature is. The lower the flow the lower the energy consumption and vice versa.

 LIFETIME WARRANTY: Never replace your water heater again.

American Tankless Water Heaters are whole-house tank replacements. They can be used anywhere tanks are used and everywhere tanks cannot be used. New Construction, existing locations, Commercial or Residential, Apartments, Condos, trailers, mobile homes, offices, retail stores and shops, the workplace, Hotels, Motels, Office towers, military or governmental relief locations around the world….ANYWHERE HOT WATER IS NEEDED.
ENERGY CONSERVATION: Would anyone leave their car running 24 hrs. per day because they will be using it again sometime or an iron on 24 hrs.. or a toaster etc.? yet we have a tank water heater operating and using energy 24 hrs. per day to keep water hot for when we want to use it. TANKLESS WATER HEATERS use energy only when you turn on the tap. If everyone used TANKLESS we would have a surplus of inexpensive energy available for other uses. No more brownouts. TANKLESS WATER HEATERS ARE 98.5% Energy efficient.
DECONTAMINATION SHOWERS: To be used by the military and civil relief workers across the United States in the ongoing battle of terrorism and the necessary preparedness required combating bio and germ warfare.
NO MORE FLUCTUATION AND POTENTIAL SCALDING OF CHILDREN OR THE ELDERLY: Water does not have to be superheated for extended use as it does in a tank water heater. We feel burning hot water from the tank and immediately have to temper with cold water to make it comfortable to the touch. AMERICAN TANKLESS WATER HEATERS allow you to set a moderate temperature of your selection and you don’t have to use the cold water side again. There is no longer super heated temperature to cause burns, disfigurement and possibly death. No FLUCTUATION problems as with other tankless water heaters.