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Where possible, we have chosen to utilize products that are environmentally friendly and promote conservation. Cork flooring meets these standards with flying colors. Natural cork is an eminently renewable resource harvested from the living bark of the Cork Oak, with some trees being over 200 years old. Cork is removed from trees in spring or summer because the cork comes away easily from the trunk while the new tender cork cells are being generated. Cork is harvested every nine to twelve years, depending upon the laws of each country.

Cork has many advantages, in addition to its being environmentally sound. Not only is the bark inherently fire retardant to prevent destruction by forest fires, it is also resistant to temperature changes. Suberin, the inherent substance of cork, is a natural insect repellent, making the cork resistant to more than 38 species of insects — including termites. Cork is also antimicrobial and naturally fights the development of mildew.

Sound is a major consideration in the dome structure. Cork absorbs sound by reducing impact noise. Cork is also very comfortable to walk upon, warm even upon cold winter nights.

cork_floorAmCork offers an immense variety of breathtaking choices in cork flooring and wall coverings. The natural beauty of cork is unparalleled and worthy of serious consideration when selecting a floor or wall covering.

Our cork flooring was flooded in some areas during Hurricane Ivan.  Yet, there was no insane rush to remove the cork flooring because it is naturally anti microbial, anti fungal, and resistant to mold and mildew.  We just let it dry out, and although a bit warped, we left it in place until we had the time and funds to replace it.  Wet carpet has to be removed immediately because of the stench and the medium it provides for rampant mold and mildew growth.  After seeing the product perform as touted, I am a huge fan of cork flooring.  It is quiet, comfortable, and a perfect floor covering.  I do have a preference of the parquet tiles over the floating plank.  The floating plank flooring warped more significantly than the parquet tiles.