Dome of a Home

Dome of a Home

The Hurricane Resistant Dome!

Built with Mother Nature in mind.

Advanced Design

Advanced Design

Joining of Technology and Beauty

Cutting Edge Design

Cutting Edge Design

Exceptional Architectural Design

Innovative Concepts

State of the Art Products

State of the Art Products

Cutting edge products

Breakthrough design and concepts

Dragon Speed Design Group

Dragon Speed Design Group

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Welcome to the Dome of a Home!

Advantages of Domes

Information on why the dome's design is so powerful.

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Building the Dome

The design and construction of the dome.

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Information about hurricanes and their impact on the dome and surrounding area.

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Articles and video of the Dome in the media.

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Dome of a Home

The Dome of a Home is an incredible monument of dome design and construction. Located on Pensacola Beach, Florida, this 6,000 sq ft of indoor and outdoor living space provides spectacular views of the Gulf of Mexico and Santa Rosa Sound.

Built by Mark and Valerie Sigler, this amazing home features advanced construction and design techniques to help defend against the forces of nature.

Enjoy the articles detailing the construction of the Dome of a Home, as well as the many photos which provide an interesting look into the creation of this futuristic home.

Photo Gallery


Photos of the construction of the Dome.



Images of hurricanes and their effects on the Dome.



Photos of the Dome which highlight the designs of the Dome.



Views from the Dome.


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